The main attractions in Koh Samui.Paradise Island in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand Is the codename for the foreign tourists dubbed. For nature lovers Enjoy white sandy beaches around the island Study the lives of fishermen and farmers in the area. Koh Samui was a coconut plantation, one of the nation. But the development of tourism A shelter Hotels and Resorts The original house is sold to a group of venture investors, and it is the combination of nature and the hotel perfectly. Still filled with magical beauty of the island. Koh Samui’s tourist attractions are as follows.
Amid the confusion And the current competition Cause burnout fatigue. Here we have a first class tourist destination with white sand and breaking waves. There are beaches to sunbathe and relax with a delicious meal. Up with fruits With an atmosphere of privacy The resort has a price You will be taken care of very well. The people on the island Best wishes and friendly prices and cost of living are worth more here, Koh Samui Thailand, once in life you have to visit this island geniuses.

  Koh Samui Beach : Paradise of Beach in  Thailand Travel : Fun Travel , Good Food Delicious
Chaweng Beach Chaweng Beach is 7 km long sandy beach sea pretty much played as a center of civilization, hotels, restaurants, shops and nightlife. The beach is one of Koh Samui
Lamai Beach is the second most popular beach, Chaweng Beach, a beach four kilometers along the beach, a restaurant and accommodation. Parallel to the beach Koh SAMUI ,The island's reputation as a coconut plantation. Current getaway resort for foreign travel to popular tourist shops, hotels and entertainment venues, many beaches are the showpiece of Samui Chaweng Beach area approximately seven kilometers, has embarked on a walk from the beach until. By the end of the beach, it takes about two hours to walk because the sand is like walking on ground Normand. Beach is beautiful, is followed by the Lamai beach Choeng Mon Laem Thong Yang Plai Lame Beach Nathon Beach and Phang Ka Taling Ngam.
                                                               BUTTERFLY PARK

Located on a hill next to the sea south of the island. Laem Natien Opposite the hotel Selma Travel Away from the fishing village of Hua Thanon, 3 km area of 20 acres of hilly terrain gently sloping down to the sea, there is a botanical garden, a rock garden planted flowers. The vegetation Thailand Medicinal plants and wild species. Below is the right time for butterflies in the butterfly to visit most mornings.In addition to the diverse and beautiful butterflies to appreciate it. Inside the park, there are other areas to watch each other as follows.– A wooden house bees Thailand. Inside a dark room, showcasing the growth of the bees in the hive carefully. The views of the surrounding gardens from here.– Rock Park– Insect MuseumWithin the exhibit insect species, varieties and Thailand were foreign. Both are common And rare– Ko ang put behind Naama Bay Candle. Sea in this area is very beautiful. The coral is quite complete at this point, the butterfly garden provides a glass-bottomed boat. And diving equipment Available for tourists. To experience the underwater world in full.– Viewpoint in this section, visitors can view the beautiful scenery surrounding it. And if you want to eat seafood. It has a restaurant open in this area as well.                                                       HIN - TA,HIN-YAI
Top Attractions Amazing Samui The shape of the rock resembles a bizarre sexual organs of male and female. This place and the people of Koh Samui in Thailand. It is believed that, the sacred island. Who Samui This place is a must. Otherwise, it will be yet to come to the island. 

                                                           FISHERMAN'S VILLAGE

 is an old fishing village. Some areas are developed and sold, and the sale of the deep. The Walking Street Market every Friday evening to evening. Popular tourist shopping Both food and drink, clothing and souvenirs.
                                                                BANG PO BEACH
       Bang Por beach far as the eye can see there are some certain rocky beach is public. Next to the sea Nathon Seatran will come from Tamarind Beach and Bang Po is the address of the local fishermen of Samui. A small subsistence fishery. And to trade with the locals or restaurants in the area. In the public areas and restaurants, small and medium-sized restaurants, Thailand. Such as rice and curry noodles with serving foreign tourists favorite food Thailand such as fried Thailand shrimp soup and salad, grilled chicken and seafood dishes from Europe, like their steaks and pizza (time to be able to tell the seller that you want spicy or. delicious taste ), A convenience store and restaurant a lot.

Hua Ta-Non ฺBeach
Hua Thanon Beach is next to Na Thien Beach. And on the south side from Lamai Beach. Another peaceful beach. Most tourists will start to get acquainted because of the divine court. The great worship to pay homage to the blessing, especially Chinese tourists. There are a variety of restaurants to welcome the next 200 meters, there will be a market for food, seafood, vegetables, fruits, meat, confectionery to serve the people in the area. And the inexpensive tourists at Hua Thanon Beach have long stretches of beach. So the water level is not too deep. The Hua Hin beach community is home to the Thai folk of Koh Samui. Both Thai Buddhists and Thai Muslims. Have a variety of food There is a road passing from Lamai to Nathon Beach. There are many restaurants and small hotels.

Thailand Foods

    A lot of Menu and Favorite Flavor such as Som Tum ,Salad (Yum),Curry I bring some part  by picture